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Dat Gurl Secrete has gradually gained considerable momentum in the local rap industry as she prepares to launch her career as an artist. Born Ashley Thomas on the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia, Secrete made the decision to become a rapper after graduating from the University of Tennessee. Having honed her craft in the small studio she built in her college apartment, she began to build upon the hustle it would take for her to succeed in the music business.

Dat Gurl Secrete's work ethic is nearly unmatched in the rap game. She holds down a budding rap career, manages her own label, and owns two business in two different countries, proving her prowess for entrepreneurship that bleeds into her music.

Secrete began releasing music to the public in 2016 with a stream of singles including 'Ain't Ya Average', 'Smoked Out' featuring her brother Smokin Jay, and 'No Rules. In 2017, Secrete's music gained traction with the single 'Wit The Get Down, and she penned a distribution deal in the same year with PRIORITY, releasing the single 'Balenciaga in March 2018. Secrete went on to release her hit single 'Yeah, Datway' in 2019. Secrete has also collaborated with big names such as the late rapper, Trouble, and a few other Atlanta legends.

Speaking during a recent press interview, Secrete mentioned her inspirations and influences. 'Missy Elliott, Timbaland, early Atlanta rapper Kilo Ali, and the 1990s Chicago trio Do or Die are just some of the names I draw inspiration from. She further added, 'I also have much respect for many of the rappers bred in my city because I understand the hustle of breaking outside the city as a rapper from Atlanta, giving me another layer of admiration for the craft and the determination to be known as more than just that.

Currently, Dat Gurl Secrete is focusing on community initiatives that will help to contribute to the health and well-being of citizens of all ages. Secrete has been setting up feed the homeless programs, assisting with establishing local small businesses, and helping students of all ages with tutoring and virtual learning. Secrete hopes to continue this type of positive impact while creating good music for her fans.

To listen to some of her tunes, inquire about writing services, or collaborate on a project, contact her at any of the outlets below:

 Facebook: Dat Gurl Secrete | Facebook

Twitter: DAT GURL SECRETE (@DatGurlSecrete) / Twitter

Instagram: Dat Gurl Secrete (@secretetheboss) on Instagram

Label Name: PrimeTime Productions Music Group
Country: United States










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